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Obstetric services

Pre-pregnancy care

Many couples will meet with an obstetrician prior to trying to start a family. These visits allow couples to ensure that recommended tests are performed prior to falling pregnant and to ask questions regarding conception and early pregnancy. Couples with a history of pre-existing medical problems such as diabetes, heart or kidney disease may particularly benefit from pre-pragnancy counselling.


Unfortunately some pregancies end in miscarriage. Dr Daniels provides care both during the diagnosis and management of miscarriage, as well as in the recovery period. Couple experiencing multiple miscarriages may benefit from further testing and treatment to increase their chances of success in subsequent pregnancies. In addition to his obstetric and gynaecological qualifications Dr Daniels is qualified as a psychologist and has an interest in assisting with the emotional impact of miscarriage.


Antenatal care

As a solo practitioner Dr Daniels provides a personalised obstetric service to his patients. He seeks to answer any questions and provide his patients with ample time during their consultations. The practice employs a midwife and lactation consultant who can provide additional information to women desiring extra support.

Pregnant women are provided wtih practice contact information to ensure that any concerns throughout their pregnancy are attended to promptly.


Labour and birth

The choices women make about their labour and birth are wide and varied. Dr Daniels has experience in providing women with a wide range of birth experiences and in most cases can accommodate his patient's desires. He as provided care from water birth in a regional hospital, to emergency caesarean section of premature babies, to instrumental vaginal deliveries where required.

While not all options are applicable to all pregnancies Dr Daniels' approach is always to try and provide women with a calm, safe, fulfilling birth experience with minimal unnecessary intervention. He will openly discuss any aspect of your birth plan prior to labour. He will respect and support your choice of birth whether it be an elective caesarean section or a drug-free vaginal delivery.


Postnatal care

After birth Dr Daniels will see you in hospital each day. You will be able to contact the practice or hospital for any issues which may arise in the postnatal period.


High risk pregnancy

For some women pregnacy may be considered high risk. This may be for fetal factors such as multiple pregnancy or fetal abnormalities, or maternal factors like pre-existing or pregnancy related health issues.

Dr Daniels has experience in successfully providing care to pregnant women with health issues including diabetes, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psychiatric illness, leukaemia and other haematological disorders, as well as multiple pregnancies and pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia or other conditions. In many cases he will provide care to these women in conjunction with other medical specialsists.


Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC)

In many cases women who have had previous caesarean sections may opt to attempt a vaginal birth in their next pregnancy. Dr Daniels is supportive of VBAC and is happy to discuss this option with you.

After hours and leave cover

As a solo practitioner one of Dr Daniels' primary philosophies is that he attends the birth for couples he has cared for through their pregnancy. This is achievable through maintaining relatively small patient numbers with a high degree of personal contact throughout the pregnancy.

Dr Daniels generally covers his own patients after hours but has arrangements with other obstetricians if he is unavoidably detained elsewhere at the time of delivery. This is a rare occurrence. Dr Daniels has arrangements to maintain care of all his pregnant patients if he is away at conferences or on leave.

Please contact the practice if you have any questions reagrding our after hours policy.



The practice is equipped with modern ultrasound equipment capable of both abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound. The ultrasound equipment is accredited by Medicare and NATA.

Ultrasound may be used in pregnancy from the early stages to determine fetal wellbeing and dating. Later in pregnancy ultrasound is performed to assess growth and fetal movements.

Ultrasound in gynaecology is performed to assess uterine and ovarian disorders.


Hospital choice

Dr Daniels is accredited to deliver babies at Calvary Hospital, Hobart Private Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital.

He is happy to discuss hospital choice with couples at any time. Uninsured patients have the option of receiving private obstetric care by Dr Daniels through the Royal Hobart Hospital, and paying out-of-pocket costs associated with their care.